When I say Storytelling the first thought on the top of most minds would be when you were told a story as a child or when you told a story to a child, giving each character a distinct voice. Conventional storytelling genres like fairy tales and legends are well known to us all, and as they are repeated and brought to life in various ways, these oral and written stories continue to change but do storytelling only take place in a classroom or around a bonfire or when you put kids to bed?
Aren’t stories a part of our daily lives? The things we see, the films we watch, the books we read, or even mere instances we witness. So is it fair to say stories are the way to make sense of the world we find ourselves in?

Statistical data will surely convince you, but a story from personal experiences will move you. One of the finest examples the world has seen that signifies the supremacy of storytelling is Airbnb. Once upon a time, two guys had just moved from New York to the city of San Francisco, Brian Chesky, and Joe Gebbia. They were facing difficulties making their daily bread and butter and were desperately looking for ways to earn a living. They saw that there was a local industrial Design conference which attracted a lot of visitors to the city. Almost all the hotels were running at full capacity many of the visitors had no place to spend the night which is when after leaving no stone unturned, Brian and Joe came up with this revolutionary idea of Airbnb. All they did then was rent mattresses and offered breakfast but today Airbnb is a company with a valuation of 73.3 billion dollars.

But did this happen overnight? You may often immerse yourself in the experiences of guests, hosts, and people from all over the world who exemplify Airbnb’s principles by flipping through the pages of Airbnb Magazine or taking a quick look at their social media feeds. In 2014, Airbnb modified its mission statement. Airbnb’s previous tagline, “Life is too short to be a stranger,” emphasized the concept of bringing people together via travel but they noticed that the people perceived Airbnb unsafe as the idea of staying at a stranger’s was dreadful to most people because for all they know he/she could be an axe murderer. However, in 2014, the company changed its tagline to “Belong Anywhere,” reflecting a broader mission to help travellers feel at home and allow them to travel like a local. This new motto aimed to strengthen the bond between hosts and guests by emphasizing the value of genuine and local experiences. Airbnb inspired its hosts and guests to post written reviews, pictures, and videos of their experiences. These customer-created travel narratives illustrate actual individuals and their distinctive travel encounters, emphasizing the spirit of exploration, community, and cultural immersion that Airbnb encourages. Through the sharing of these experiences, Airbnb leveraged the influence of social proof and enables potential customers to see themselves having similar adventures.

With Stories, we designers connect to people via Aristotle’s points of plot, character, theme, diction, melody, decor, and spectacle to make our designs influential and give people something to remember something to question, and something that broadens perspectives. People often assume that storytelling is about pushing advertising but is it really? Wouldn’t it be fair rather to say storytelling is about bringing value? The goal of a storyteller is to raise questions for you to consider, not to instruct you on how to think.

By sharing origin stories, user experiences, neighbourhood narratives, and social impact initiatives, Airbnb has fostered a sense of community and belonging among its users while differentiating itself from traditional accommodation options. Storytelling plays a crucial role in marketing by capturing attention, engaging emotions, and delivering messages in a memorable and relatable manner. When used effectively, storytelling can significantly enhance brand perception, drive customer engagement, and influence purchasing decisions. In today’s crowded and fast-paced marketplace, storytelling helps brands stand out from the competition. A compelling narrative grabs attention and piques curiosity, drawing consumers in and making them more receptive to the brand’s message.

By incorporating storytelling into marketing, brands can tap into consumers’ emotions, making a deeper connection and forging a stronger bond. DesignCentric believes it’s important to connect to people on a more personal level and embedding a worthwhile story is like a cherry on the cake. We often go with the notion that storytelling is one thing but what gives it life is consistency. A company’s brand is its principal asset and to maintain that we create a clear, cohesive, and seamless user experience for your customers which will make your brand stand out. Until recent times, Storytelling was contemplated as cultural and never functional. The propagation of technology and the flash flood of information in the virtual world has stimulated people’s interest in storytelling in multiple fields. The power of storytelling to engross sentiments has taken the world of marketing by storm.

The secret to making an impression on your audience that will last is through brand storytelling. A compelling tale may hold a listener’s attention in a way that facts and data never could. Review your current marketing approach and consider how you may add more storytelling to each campaign. You can always ask your employees or clients for amusing anecdotes if you need inspiration. Or get in touch with the DesignCentric staff right away if you want someone who has years of expertise narrating stories. We can assist you in more effectively communicating the intended message to your audience and telling the story of your business.


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