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We work for you by working with you. Amazing things come from collaboration. We become an extension of your team. Our process can align with your needs

About Us

We are brutally simple in our communication. We specialize in combining strategy, design, advertising and research into creative communication.
With Design Centric, less is always more. We believe that brands that go straight to the heart of the matter go the farthest. Today's consumer doesn't want to be talked to. They want to be heard.

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Our brand is more than just a logo It's the total experience of your company.
Our services can help you build a living brand that will reach your target audience, engage customers, and create a strong community.
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What makes us different?
Our Work. Our Passion. Our People.

Our Team

Working with "other agencies" can be a real pain. You have to brief them on their terms and work the way they work. At Design Centric our process is to adapt to your process. Every project is different and that means the approach must be as well. We can implement daily stand-ups for check-ins as well as off-site sessions and on-site workshops for collaboration.
We build a team around your needs and provide our clients with direct access to everyone involved including the creatives.
  • Entrepreneurship is belief

    Not just a belief, but the power to believe.
    We take responsibility for our designs.
  • We respect execution

    Getting things done is a process, it demands accountability and has clear goals.
  • We marry form and function

    We believe in the meticulously merging of form and expertise.


Never willing to settle for just 'good', each project at Design Centric aims at setting new benchmarks for our clients as well as our own internal standards. Having had the pleasure of working with brands, big and small, local and international, here is a select range of our projects for your viewing pleasure.


Whether adding a touch of magic to a brand or launching a brand new idea, in the end, there is nothing more rewarding than a happy client.

These are just a few of our happy clients.



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Our team

Jobs / Careers

Job Openings

As a small studio we do not hire often, but we are always on the lookout for talented designers to work with.
- Copywriter
- Designer
- Programmer
Email us a link to your website/portfolio to


We generally have a year to six month waiting list for internships. However we’d still love to see your work as occasionally we have spots open up sooner.
- Design Internship
- Production Internship
Email us a link to your website/portfolio to